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Available on backorder

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  • We are now accepting pre-orders for the VQ L-4A GRASSHOPPER .46 EP/GP Model.   The current expected arrival date for this shipment is Late November +/- 2017. Any changes to the ETA will be posted on this page. Exact arrival dates are not exact as there are many variables that can speed up or delay the arrival.  Please note if you pre-order you are guaranteed a model included in the shipment.  We cannot “reserve” a model from the shipment if it is not pre-paid.
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L4 Grasshopper
– Originally built as a civillian aircraft by Taylor Aircraft, the design was purchased by Piper Aircraft after the Taylor Aircraft company went bankrupt in 1930. After the start of the second world war, the design was altered slightly to allow for military service, it was renamed the L4. The L4, along with similar designs by Taylorcraft and Aeronca were known as “Grasshoppers”, and performed many duties such as utility transport, medevac and reconnaissance missions. They were also popular in the artillery spotting role, which was accompanied by the use of smoke rockets. A little known fact about the L4 is that the final dogfight on the western front occurred between an L4 Grasshopper and a German Fieseler Storch. The crew of the L4 forced the Storch down after shooting at the occupants using their service pistols.


  • All Balsa and lite-ply construction
    Fully covered in weathered detail
    Fiberglass cowling
    Control surfaces pre-hinged and installed
    Two piece wing with aluminium wing joiner
    Pilot door can open-close
    Battery hatch for electric version


  • Wingspan: 63.7 in – 1620mm
  • Fuselage: 49.2 in – 1250mm
  • Flying Weight: ~ 5.7lbs – 2,600g
  • Glow Engine Power: 40-52 2C, 52-65 4C
  • Electric Brushless Power: 870w (4120/05 motor, 5S 5000mAh LiPo)
  • Radio req: at least 4 channels


  • Fixed landing gear, wires, tail wheel
    assembly, wheels, servo trays,
    engine mounts, fuel tank, fiberglass cowling,
    and hardware.* Does not include: radio, engine/motor, glue, and fuel line


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