VQ Junkers Ju-52 Tri-Motor Splinter Camo 63”” span EP

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VQ Junkers Ju-52 Tri-Motor Splinter Camo 63”” span EP

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Junkers Ju-52 Tri-Motor

Splinter Camo 63” span EP

The Junkers JU-52 is affectionately called “Aunt Ju” and came originally from the Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG in Dessau. Originally designed as a cargo plane, the JU-52 was later used primarily as a commercial airliner. This highly durable aircraft uses 3 drive motors and the outer skin was made of strong and resilient corrugated iron. 

The model was designed for modern electrical drives and modeled on the original prototype for outstanding detail. 


Span = approx 63″ 
Length = approx 42″ 
Weight = approx 5 lbs (ready to fly, incl. Battery  3500-11,1V) 
RC = 5 Channel / 6 servos 
Control functions = rudder, elevator, aileron, flaps and motor controller 
Requires 3 electric motors w. esc;s for power , not included. 

Short Description 

* ARF model in light wood construction (laser cut) 
* Very short assembly time, everything is very prefabricated 
* Covered in VQ proprietary highly detailed film 
* Wing 2 pcs. with aluminum tube joiner  
* Robust chassis 
* Including accessories such as wheels, pushrods, etc. 

– LiPo Battery  3500-11,1V 
– (3) 900kv motors w/esc’s or equivalent

-servos, radio equipment, adhesives, assembly supplies

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