VQ F-82 Twin Mustang 80″ Twin-EP/GP

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VQ F-82 Twin Mustang 80″ Twin-EP/GP

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In stock

Product Description


VQ NEXT GEN MODELS with even more details built in and still with the easy to fly VQ Model Qualities. This P/F-82 is designed for glow or electric power. Features built in battery hatches held on with rare earth magnets.  Set up for our VQ P/F-82 Electric retracts with functional oleo struts.  Easy to transport almost fully assembled as the  outboard wing panels plug in.  This allows you to travel with the Twin Mustand on its gear. 

Part # VQA122


Wingspan:  approx 80″  (2030 mm)

Length:  approx 49″ (1240 mm)

Weight: estimated 15lbs depending on final setup

RC = 6 Channel  
Control functions = throttle/esc, rudder, elevator, aileron, flaps and retracts (not included)

Short Description 

* ARF model in laser cut wood construction  
* Very short assembly time, everything is very prefabricated 
* Covered in VQ proprietary highly detailed film 
* Wing 3 pcs. with aluminum tube joiners  
* Hatch built in for both fuselage easy battery/fuel tank access 
* Includes basic hardware set, pilot figures, spinners, wheels,pushrods, instruction manual.

-engines, motors, esc’s, servos, radio equipment, retracts, adhesives, assembly supplies

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