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VQ  80″ SBD-5 Dauntless 30cc EP/GP ARF

The Douglas SBD Dauntless is an American naval scout plane and dive bomber that was manufactured by Douglas Aircraft between 1940 and 1944.  The acronym “SBD” stood for “Scout Bomber Douglas.”  This aircraft was the US Navy’s main carrier based scout plane and dive bomber during WWII.  It possessed long range, good handling characteristics, maneuverability, and bomb load.  Most notably, the SBD had excellent defensive armament and dive capability which allowed it to deliver ordnance on target with great precision.  The SBD is best remembered as the bomber that delivered the fatal blows to the Japanese carriers at the Battle of Midway in June 1942.

The VQ/Legend Models SBD Dauntless is one in the same.  This latest  “VQ”  version sold through us has the following updates:

  • Factory has improved landing gear mount on the wing so that the struts and the wheels are oriented on the proper scale side of the strut
  •  Factory has moved the elevator servos to inside the fuselage (previously , they used 2x mini servos for elevator and installed it in the bottom of the elevator .  Now they use standard servos for elevator and install it inside the fuselage ( same with the VQ 30cc F8F Bearcat) .
  •   Previously the elevator could be removed after flying for transport and storage but modelers said it was not necessary,,, so      now it is epoxied to the fuselage.
  • Material: Laser cut balsa and ply
  • Wingspan: 80.7″ (2050 mm)
  • Length: 55.5″ (1410mm)
  • Weight: 15.0 – 15.5 lbs (6.8 – 7.0Kg)
  • Radio: 8 channel, 10 servos +1 for throttle (***see specs below)
  • Engine:  30cc gas or 1.60 glow  ***
  • Electric: 3000 Watt brushless DC motor.  (***see below)
  • Optional VQ Electric Retracts and Scale Struts available  ***


  • Pre-painted pilot and rear gunner
  • Covered with pre-printed PVC film
  • Factory Painted fiberglass cowl
  • Fixed landing gear included
  • Functional dive brakes and flaps
  • Radial engine replica cover
  • WWII Bomb (fixed)
  • Cowl hatch for fuel tank/electronics/battery access
  • Tailhook detail part (non-functional)

  Recommended Electric Setup (Not Included):

  • Dualsky XM6360EA-10 218Kv motor (3081 Watt peak rating, 1694 Watts continuous)
  • Dualsky XC10036HV 100A HV ESC (130A peak)
  • Battery: 2 x 5S 35C 5000mAh lipos in series (10S)
  • 2-blade Prop: 18 x 12
  • Scale 3-blade Prop: 15.9″ to 17.9″ blades on 16D size Ramoser VarioProp hub (shown in product photos above)

***Servo Specs (Not Included):

5 Mini servos required for  flaps, and dive brakes

Max Length: 28mm / 1.12″

Max Width: 14mm .56″

Max Height: 28mm / 1.12″

Note: It is strongly suggested to run a screw or two through the servo cover into the mounting blocks for reenforecement.  Use servos with the highest torque value you can find.  Greater than 60 oz-in would be best.  It’s possible to fit high torque flat wing servos with simple modifications to the mounting blocks.

4 Standard servos are required for rudder , elevator & ailerons:

Max Length:  40mm / 1.58″

Max Width: 18.9mm / .75″

Max Height: 40mm / 1.67″

Suggested Standard Servo: Hitec 645MG

Cowl Dimensions:

  • At firewall 7-3/4″ wide x 8-1/2″ tall
  • At front 7-1/2″ wide x 7-3/4″ tall
  • 5-3/8″ Deep

Build Notes:

  • Secure the servo mounts with additional epoxy and at least one screw through the servo cover into each mounting block
  • Pin all pre-hinged surfaces (2x per side)
*** Servos, radio gear, engines/motor/batteries , retractable landing gear not included***
Available @  www.vqwarbirds.com           Order Hotline 1-866-692-4318

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