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The Focke Wulf FW-190 entered in service in 1941, and quickly became one the finest fighter aircraft of its time. There were so many variants of the FW-190 series from the A models with round cowligs and radial engines to the sleek D-9 series with the long noses housing their powerful V12 engines meant for high altitude bomber interception roles. More than 20 000 saw service in WWII, and it was still rolling off the production lines until the very last days of the war.
Some Fw 190 D9’s served as fighter cover for ME-262 airfields since the jet fighters were very vulnerable on takeoff and landing. These special units were known as Platzsicherungstaffel (airfield defence squadrons). One unit, known as the Würger-Staffel , was created in April 1944 by Leutnant Heinz Sachsenberg at the behest of Adolf Galland, and was part of JV 44. The role of the Staffel was to guard the airfield and JV 44’s Messerschmitt ME-262s as they landed. The Fw 190s were supposed to take off before the jets and circle the airfield in pairs (a Rotte). The undersurfaces of the Würger-Staffel 190s were painted red with narrow white stripes to help anti-aircraft artillery protecting the airfields quickly identify friendly aircraft .
Now, you too can fly a scale model of a FW-190-D-9, available as a limited ESM signature edition model, with composite fuselage and built up wing. AVAILABLE Retractable Gear, Alloy wheels, Oleo struts!


  • -All Composite fuselage construction with detailed panel lines and rivets molded in, Built up wing with fabric covering and painted detail on all surface parts.
  • -Factory Painted in authentic German paint scheme
  • -Factory applied decals
  • -Flaps
  • -Factory installed pushrod guide tubes.
  • -All required hardware
  • -Illustrated instruction manual included.
  • -Air up/down retractable gear with oleo struts and alloy wheels.
  • Available ESM FW-190D9 SIERRA GEAR
  • Available SCALE COCKPIT by TYS PLANESSpecifications:
  • Wing Span: Approx 82.5″
  • Length: Approx 82.5″
  • Wing area: (8.42sq.ft)
  • Wing loading: 122g/ (40oz/sq.ft)
  • Weight: Approx 21-23 lbs Flying Weight
  • Radio: 6 chnl. 8 Servos
  • Engine: 50cc Gasoline or equivalent
    * Does not include: radio, motor, glue, and silicone fuel lineVIDEO:


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