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F-8F BEARCAT History: Designed to intercept enemy aircraft, the F-8F BEARCAT was designed to climb quickly and cruise at a high rate of speed. As a naval aircraft, it used a proven engine (the Pratt and Whitney R2800 (from the F6F Hellcat) and was designed to be as light as possible. While marginally slower than the F4U Corsair, it could outclimb the corsair, and was significantly more maneuverable. Its bubble canopy also offered improved visibility over other naval aircraft of the day. The design was heavily influenced by testing of captured German FW-190’s. The design was finished in 1943, and the first squadron was operational by February of 1945, but it did not see combat before the end of the war. It eventually equipped 24 squadrons, including the Blue Angels, and set several piston engine records. It even out performed many early jets, and set a climb speed record of 94 seconds from take off to 10 000 ft., a record that took modern jets to break. The Bearcat was replaced by jets by the time the Korean war broke out, and so the only combat it saw was in Vietnam during the 1950’s, when it was used by the French, and later during the American involvement by the Thai and South Vietnamese airforces, in both cases as a fighter bomber.

Now, you too can fly a scale model of a F-8F Bearcat, available in this “S” TAIL MARKED ESM BEARCAT, with composite fuselage, built up sheeted wing, covered in solartex type film, painted to match. OPTIONAL ESM and SIERRA Retractable Gear, Alloy wheels, Oleo struts available!


  • -Fiberglass fuselage
  • -Fiberglass Cowling
  • -Fully built up wings and tail covered with Solartex Type film and airbrushed with a matching finish
  • -Scale details molded into fiberglass parts, including panel lines and rivets.
  • -Pre-applied decals, covered with clear coat.
  • -Functional flaps.
  • -100% Laser cut wooden parts
  • – Also includes: wheels, servo trays, engine mount, fuel tank, decals and all hardware.
  • -Illustrated instruction manual included.



  • Wing Span: Approx 70.9″
  • Length: Approx 52″
  • Cowl Diameter: approx
  • Weight: Approx
  • Radio: 6 chnl. 8 Servos
  • Engine: 1.20-1.50 Four Stroke or equivalent 2 Stroke/GAS Engine

* Does not include: radio, retracts, motor, glue, and silicone fuel line


Submit your KMP/ESM BEARCAT VIDEO LINK to us and we may feature it here!


Some great flying of a big electric F8F Bearcat. My favorite prop fighter!

This one has an electric motor, retracts, great looking 4 blade prop, and he flies it well. The owner said its a great plane to fly!

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