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ESM F-6F HELLCAT , Own a piece of US NAVY’s finest AIRCRAFT of WWII…

F-6F HELLCAT The F-6F Hellcat was the successor to the famous F-4F WildCat. Grumman’s Hellcat was a completely different aircraft starting with it’s Pratt and Whitney R-2800. This Radial engine put out 2000 hp (the Wildcat’s engine put out 1200 hp), and with many new design features and armament this with the highly trained Naval Pilots yielded one of the most successful military aircraft of all time! The Hellcats went on to score 5200 kills, most of which occurred in the pacific theatre (though 8 kills were recorded during the invasion of southern France).

This model is based on an aircraft from VF-27, operating from the USS Princeton in October 1944 during the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot. It was flown by Richard Stambook, who claimed 10 kills in his F6F-3 Hellcat.

Now, you too can fly a scale model of an F-6F HELLCAT, available as a limited ESM signature edition model, with composite fuselage and built up wing. AVAILABLE Retractable Gear, Alloy wheels, Oleo struts!


  • -All Composite fuselage construction with detailed panel lines and rivets molded in, Built up wing with fabric covering and painted detail on all surface parts.
  • -Factory Painted in authentic paint scheme
  • -Factory applied decals
  • -Flaps
  • -Factory installed pushrod guide tubes.
  • -All required hardware
  • -Retractable gear with oleo struts and alloy wheels AVAILABLE by ESM and SIERRA PRECISION.
  • -Scale Cockpit kit and 10″ and 12″ US WWII NAVY/PACIFIC PILOT FIGURES AVAILABLE
  • -Illustrated instruction manual included.



  • Wing Span: Approx 72″
  • Length: Approx 54″
  • Cowl Diameter: TBA” (cm)
  • Weight: Approx 13-14 lbs Flying Weight
  • Radio: 6 chnl. 8 Servos
  • Engine: 26cc Gas or 1.20-1.80 Four Stroke / equivalent 2 Stroke
    * Does not include: radio, motor, glue, and silicone fuel line


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