Product Description


Specific Aircraft History:

Douglas A-1H “Lieutenant America” (BuNo. 139665) wasone of four Skyraiders “rescued” from Thailand by VNAF pilots during

the final days of the Vietnam conflict, ending with the fall of Saigon to the North Vietnamese on April 29, 1975.

Neal Melton is the current owner and operator of this Vietnam Veteran Douglas A-1H Skyraider “Lieutenant America” (BuNo. 139665) flown by 1st Lt. Randy Scott, which is on display year-round at the Tennessee Museum of Aviation at Sevierville, TN, just east of Knoxville, TN and is available for airshows, flybys and film.

1st Lt. Randy Scott is pictured standing next to “Lieutenant America”  (photo provided by Randy Scott)



The A-1 Skyraider was initially developed during WWII to perform as a carrier based long-range torpedo/dive bomber. It missed the second world war by a few months, but quickly proved itself as a reliable performer, capable of carrying a tremendous amount of ordanance on seven hardpoints on each wing, while maintaining excellent low speed manueverability. It could loiter on target for much longer periods than faster aircraft and deliver its substantial load of ordanance with greater precision.
These design characteristics resulted in it seeing substantial combat in Korea, and later in Vietnam, where it proved extremely beneficial. Although the USN and USMC were beginning to phase out the Skyraider in favour of the A-6 Intruder, it continued to see substantial service, with many being transferred to the USAF where they were used in a close support role, particularly with the Air Rescue and Recovery Service where they protected downed pilots until HH-3 Jolly Green Giants were able to extract them to safety. It also saved the lives of hundreds of servicemen who were facing imminent harm, thanks to its ability to deliver ordanance in close proximity to ground forces. At least two USAF pilots recieved the Congressional Medal of Honour for actions they undertook while flying the Skyraider.
About this Model’s Paint Scheme KMP is releasing this model in the livery of VA 176, the thunderbolts, who while operating A-1H Skyraiders from the carrier USS Interpid over vietnam in a RESCAP mission, engaged a flight of 4 Mig-17 jets, and scored one confirmed kill, one probable kill and damaged a third, forcing the Migs to retreat from the area. Part of the reason for the success was that the engagement occurred at very low level, in an area covered by high hills. This allowed the skyraiders to use their low speed maneuverability to their advantage.


  • -All composite fuselage construction, with built up wings and surfaces.
  • -All scale details molded into the fiberglass parts, including panel lines and rivets.
  • -Factory painted to scale,  covered with clear coat. Wing Covering Material: Solartex Fabric Covered, painted.
  • The aircraft has a beautiful flat, non-glossy finish. This is superior to glossy covering materials.
  • Decal sheet included for markings of (5) uniquely different Skyraiders:




  • -Functional flaps.
  • -All hardware included (screws, rods, fuel tanks etc…)
  • -ESM electric new gen retracts will be available with alloy hub main wheels
  • -Illustrated instruction manual included.
  • -ALuminum Main wheels and tail wheel will be available
  • -SIERRA RETRACTS with oleo struts will be available.
  • -Century Jet Electric Retracts with oleo struts are available
  • -Scale Cockpit kit available
  • -(2) UNIQUE Scale Ordnance detail packages will be available
  • -Scale drop tanks available


  • Wing Span: Approx 70.9″
  • Length: Approx 54″
  • Wing Area: 877 square inches
  • Cowl Diameter: approx
  • Weight: Approx
  • Engine: 1.50-1.80 4-Stroke or 26CC gas-30cc gas

*** Please note first few photos show our VQ WARBIRDS demo Skyraider with optional pylons/rocket kit, scale wheels, scale tail retract, scale cockpit kit, pilot figure which are not included with model.***  (3) piece drop tanks are included with model!!!